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About Us

I COMPLEMENTI – reale artigianato italiano – is an Italian firm that creates and produces, sells and delivers furnishing complements, indoor and outdoor.

His main characteristic is the complete nationality of the permanent staff and of his manufactured goods. From the designers to the single providers and producers, the company intends to promote in the international market the true, exactly, real Made in Italy. The materials and the technology adopted for the realizations are the result of a careful selection of the excellences inside the global market, whether regards the components or the methodology of processing, but mainly the guidelines of the design and the mastery of the creations are the result of the long and expert tradition by craftsmen present in Italy.

Further and basic property of the firm is the continue research towards eco-friendly elements environmentally eco-sustainable, with particular care to the solutions against the pollution and noise disturb. All series of the complements for the living reflects this real company need, as it is highlight from the use of panels, that absorbs the pollution and that, on demand, can be inserted inside of grand part of the products, but mainly as the same nature/ of every single element denotes.

Infact from the search and selection of the wooden essences the firm prefers materials derived by responsible growing and cultivation; the assembly, where couldn’t have foreseen traditional wooden joints, makes use of vinyl glue and not epoxy mixed; the varnishing,  painting, lacquering are natural with water; in short the packing, reduced at the minimum, is free, as long as it is possible, of not-biodegradable materials. Furthermore in those complements where are located light devices or assistant and security system, are principally used energy saving technology, LED of the new generation, and moving assistant systems with mechanical technique, hydraulic ramp.